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God Creation Project 当代造神计划

* The project was exhibited in Ars Electronica 2020

Designed by
Jiaxi Li (the Royal College of Art,MA Textiles)

God Creation Project contains a series of interactive, vibrant, and dynamic floor-based knitted sculptural works. Displaying a diverse approach to form, sound, and space, these sculptures created upon methods of machine knitting, solidifying knit structure, and physical computing via Infinite Toolkit. This project explores how god creation as a form of shelter and spiritual escapism. The action of God Creation can be considered as a physiological stress response toward an unstable social and political environment. A metaphor of ‘strong light’ which becomes a medium of ‘conversation with the god’ was translated through light dependant resistors activating motions that were operated by motors embedded. As a spectator and participant, Jiaxi created a shelter for herself escaping the oppression of reality.

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