Movement Function

The function is achieved by a DC motor and a motor driver, they provide a more precise and stronger pulling than shape memory alloys (SMA), you can customise the duration and direction of  motor rotating to achieve desired effects. An excellent example using INFINITE movement function is Jiaxi Li's God Creation Project, she created five different motions using the simple rotating motor. 

​Completing the circuit 

Things you need

  • INFINITE mainboard

  • Motor 

  • Driver

  • 6V battery

  • ​USB cable

  • A sensor

  • E-textile extension (optional) 

  • Lipo battery (optional)


1. Attach the driver to INFINITE mainboard 

2. Connect the motor to the wire on the driver

Note: you should see a purple mark on a side of the motor insert pins, connect this side with the red wire of the driver, DO NOT reverse.


Use e-textile extension if the motor thread is too short for your design


3. Connect the 6V battery with the driver

Connect the battery to the socket marked with purple


4. Connect the sensor to INFINITE mainboard

Depending on the selection and usage of the sensor, you need to connect the sensor to a proper port on the mainboard

  • E-textile switch sensor: connect to Digital 1

  • E-textile pressure sensor: connect to Analog 1

  • E-textile potentiometer: : connect to Analog 1

  • Proximity sensor: connect to Digital 0

  • Sound detection sensor: connect to Digital 0 

  • LDR (digital purpose): connect to Digital 1

  • LDR (analog purpose): connect to Analog 1

Use e-textile connections for proximity sensor and sound detection sensor, use crocodile test leads for e-textile sensors and LDR, you can also customise connections for LDR and e-textile sensors, the conductive fabric/thread and the snap buttons in the material pack could be useful!




1. Use the USB cable for connecting INFINITE mainboard to your PC

2. Download relevant example code

3. You can modify the speed and duration of motor rotating on,1000); and,1000); 

speed can be from -255 to 255, "-" means the motor drives backward; the second number represents how many milliseconds the motor drive. In the downloaded code, the motor drives forward with full speed for 1000 milliseconds (1 second), then drive backwards with the same speed for another 1000 millisecond. Now, you can change the direction and duration as you want!

4. To upload the code to INFINITE mainboard, go to the Menu, click Tools > Port > /dev/cu.usbmodem146201(Adafruit Feather M0)

5. Click upload icon on the top left of the window, when you see "Done uploading", the code has been uploaded to the Feather board

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 23.20.10.png

6. You can either keep connecting INFINITE mainboard with your PC, or disconnecting from the PC but powering the mainboard with a Lipo battery

7. Turn on the 6V battery. !!!Remember to turn off or disconnect the battery as soon as you finish using the function!!!

8. You are all set!

Useful links

Below are some examples of motions created with motors, you might get inspirations watching the following, you can also find plenty of other resources online of creating motion by motors.