Using Analog 1 with Movement Function

1. Download the code here

2. Connect the motor to the wire on the driver

Note: you should see a purple mark on a side of the motor insert pins, connect this side with the red wire of the driver, DO NOT reverse.


Use e-textile extension if the motor thread is too short for your design


3. Connect the 6V battery with the driver

Connect the battery to the socket marked with purple


4. Connect the sensor to INFINITE mainboard

Depending on the selection and usage of sensor, you need to connect the sensor to a proper port on the mainboard

  • E-textile switch sensor: connect to Digital 1

  • E-textile pressure sensor: connect to Analog 1

  • E-textile potentiometer: : connect to Analog 1

  • Proximity sensor: connect to Digital 0

  • Sound detection sensor: connect to Digital 0 

  • LDR (digital purpose): connect to Digital 1

  • LDR (analog purpose): connect to Analog 1

Use e-textile connections for proximity sensor and sound detection sensor, use crocodile test leads for e-textile sensors and LDR, you can also customise connections for LDR and e-textile sensors, the conductive fabric/thread and the snap buttons in the material pack could be useful!


Uploading code


1. Use the USB cable to connect INFINITE mainboard to your PC

2. Upload the relevant code to INFINITE mainboard

  • Using Analog 1 with movement function

  • Using Digital 1 with movement function

  • Using Digital 0 with movement function

  • Using Digital 0 (proximity) with movement function