Sound Function

The function allows you to create responsive audio project.

​Completing the circuit 

Things you need

  • INFINITE mainboard

  • Music player

  • a speaker or an earphone with 3.5mm jack

  • ​USB cable

  • A sensor

  • Lipo battery (optional)


1. Attach the music maker to INFINITE mainboard 

2. Insert your speaker or earphone to the music player

3. There is a micro SD card inserted in the music player, and there is already a music file stored in the SD card. You can skip this step if you are happy to use the existing music. If you want to use your own sound files, you need to save your sound file into the SD card and name the file as "track001.mp3"

Note: the file format has to be .mp3

4. Connect the sensor to INFINITE mainboard

Depending on the selection and usage of the sensor, you need to connect the sensor to a proper port on the mainboard

  • E-textile switch sensor: connect to Digital 1

  • E-textile pressure sensor: connect to Analog 1

  • E-textile potentiometer: : connect to Analog 1

  • Proximity sensor: connect to Digital 0

  • Sound detection sensor: connect to Digital 0 

  • LDR (digital purpose): connect to Digital 1

  • LDR (analog purpose): connect to Analog 1

Use e-textile connections for proximity sensor and sound detection sensor, use crocodile test leads for e-textile sensors and LDR, you can also customise connections for LDR and e-textile sensors, the conductive fabric/thread and the snap buttons in the material pack could be useful!




1. Use the USB cable for connecting INFINITE mainboard to your PC

2. Download relevant example code

3. To upload the code to INFINITE mainboard, go to the Menu, click Tools > Port > /dev/cu.usbmodem146201(Adafruit Feather M0)

4. Click upload icon on the top left of the window, when you see "Done uploading", the code has been uploaded to the Feather board

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 23.20.10.png

5. You can either keep connecting INFINITE mainboard with your PC, or disconnecting from the PC but powering the mainboard with a Lipo battery

6. You are all set!